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Image of a male Lennox technician showing information to a female customer on a clipboard outside of a house

Selling Systems, Not Units

By Jose De La Portilla

Sometimes we forget that an HVAC system is just that – a complete system. Replacing one part rather than the whole is not the best option. It’s important to explain this to homeowners to make sure they get the best long-term outcome. Here are three compelling reasons they should replace the system:

  1. Optimized efficiency and capacity – If you replace just one component, the system may never run at full capacity or achieve optimal energy efficiency. Additionally, mismatched systems can cause humidity and filtration problems, leading to overall comfort problems within the home.

  2. Guaranteed efficiency ratings – Homeowners need to understand you can’t guarantee capacity, energy efficiency, or performance with a mismatched system. Explaining the importance of a matching system upfront is the only way to make sure the homeowner gets the best deal possible, which will benefit your business as well.

  3. Government rebates – Matching systems are also essential from a financial standpoint. Government rebates and warranties are issued on the full system installed, so replacing only one component can affect the homeowner’s ability to qualify for a rebate or long-term warranty of the system. Imagine if you paid $10,000 for an outdoor condensing unit and you discover you can’t get your federal tax credit since your system doesn’t completely match. You’d probably be angry at your contractor and make them come fix the rest of the system.

The key to helping a customer understand the benefits of replacing a system instead of a unit is your knowledge level. In order to be successful you must have confidence in your expertise. By assertively explaining how the homeowner can benefit from optimal energy efficiency, guaranteed ratings, eligibility for federal rebates, and improved home comfort, you’ll be able to sell systems rather than units.

If your team needs help selling systems, our class Master $elling® for Comfort Advisors and Service Sales Excellence™ class for technicians will teach you proven techniques to sell HVAC systems without worrying about mismatched combinations. These classes will improve your knowledge of system selection and increase your confidence in the reason matching systems are so important.

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Guest blogger Jose De La Portilla is the technical training manager at HVAC Learning Solutions.