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Why the Big Box Model works

Why the Big Box Model works

Consumer loyalty is built on the foundation of trust. And for all customers, the goal is to purchase with confidence. Over time, a relational trust develops with their retailer. So when a retailer becomes synonymous with value and trust, consumer loyalty is formed.

Not only does Lennox partner with retailers well-known for their loyal consumer base, Lennox provides more big box opportunities than any other manufacturer. With over 3,500 store opportunities in North America, Lennox has the established footprint and relationships to differentiate your dealership in the market and help you grow and deliver perfect air.

The Benefits of Participating in Retail

  • Retail represents 5% of the total HVAC market and is continually growing. As consumers become more aware of this purchasing path, they become more apt to buy HVAC through their local trusted Big Box Retailer.
  • Over the last 10 years, the Lennox retail channel has grown by a CAGR of 22.6%, far outpacing traditional AOR channels.

  • Big Box Retailers that partner with Lennox report a national average of 20,000 consumers per week per retail location. With approximate 3,500 locations and an average of 2% of the population in need of HVAC at any given time, we estimate 1.4M prospects per week are shopping with a Lennox retail partner. That kind of exposure would be nearly impossible to economically replicate through any other channel.
  • Big Box Retailers are known for the quality and value they deliver to their consumers. That means consumers can buy with confidence knowing their retailer backs their purchase.

  • Ultimately, retail provides an excellent opportunity to drive incremental top line sales and profitability to almost any strong AOR business. We encourage you to investigate the possibilities with Lennox.
What can retail do for me?

What can retail do for me?

Let us help you answer that question through use of our Retail Opportunity Calculator. The calculator allows you to input data from your own business and forecast the incremental profit opportunity an investment in retail may represent. It can help you decide whether or not retail is right for you.

Interested? Click the “Contact Us” link below to connect with a Lennox representative who can share the calculator with you.

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