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Simple Tips to Get The Sale

Sales are essential to any HVAC company. Use these seven key practices to set yourself up for success.

By Dave Nichols, HVAC Learning Solutions Training Manager

Sales – they make the HVAC world go round. It’s important to be aware of the value and take advantage of every single sales opportunity. The best way to do so is by distinguishing yourself and your company from everyone else in the market. From pre-call planning to post-call follow-up, here are seven simple tips that will empower you to get the sale.

  1. After setting up the appointment, send a confirmation email or text. Thank your customer, remind them of the appointment date and time, and provide some details about the specific Comfort Advisor or technician coming to their home. The day before the call, send a follow-up confirmation.

  2. The visit needs to consist of a solid sales process that includes identifying the customer’s needs and wants. Really listen to what the customer is saying—why did they call you? What do they like and not like about their current system? What do they want to accomplish?

  3. It may seem counterintuitive, but talk about pricing upfront. Show the customer at least four options: best, better, good and basic. Demonstrate financing options by breaking down the monthly cost.

  4. Tell the customer about your company, sharing reasons why they should do business with you, and the value they get from each thing (e.g., explain how having NATE-certified techs means that your employees are extremely well-qualified).

  5. Whether you’ve made the sale or not, send the customer a handwritten card thanking them for their time and letting them know you hope they’ll do business with you in the future. Include your business card in the envelope and send it right away. Showing immediate appreciation goes a long way.

  6. When you’re going back to install equipment, send another confirmation. Once the installation is complete, go back for an in-person visit to check that the installation was done properly and completely. Thank the customer for their business and be sure to ask them for referrals.

  7. Stay in touch with your customers through email every few months, and let them know about current promotions. Keep communicating so they don’t forget you and so they mention your name when friends or neighbors ask about HVAC services.

Remember: it’s not all about price. It’s about value and what the consumer feels they’re going to get when they pay your company to do work for them. Today’s customers understand the concept of value and want to spend money to have something done right the first time. Make sure you subscribe to all aspects of this notion in order to create the best experience for your customers and achieve sales success.

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