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The Solution To The HVAC Labor Shortage Was Born When? Yesterday.

Get this: No other occupation on the planet is in higher demand than HVAC technicians.

Crazy, right?

The reason: Everywhere you look, commercial and residential construction is underway. And—well—because the people who occupy those buildings are going to want to enjoy Ultimate Comfort, it’s going to be your company’s HVAC technicians that will be expected to deliver it to them.

Sounds like good news, huh? Busy techs equal big bucks!

Under normal circumstances, yes—that would be great news. But today, and for the foreseeable future, it’s not. Reason being…

The HVAC industry is currently experiencing a severe labor shortage.



15% – that’s how much the demand for skilled HVAC technicians is expected to rise between 2016 and 2026.

Oh, and to make things even more problematic…

Over the next ten years, much of the current workforce is expected to retire.

Yup—just when we need skilled techs the most, the ones with the most experience are waving goodbye.

Looks like our techs are going to be working a whole lot of overtime, huh? Probably going to have to turn some customers away, too.

Actually, no—none of those measures will be necessary, because…

Generation Y will save us.

Generation Y—otherwise known as “Millennials”—are intelligent, hard-working people who can—and will—save the industry from this labor shortage we’re dealing with. They can troubleshoot, repair, and replace systems. They can do it all.

BUT—yes, there’s a but—the only way you’ll be able to recruit them is if you promise to provide them with that which they value most in a career:

An opportunity to make a difference.

Give them that—a job, a career, an environment that makes them feel like they matter, that they’re making a positive impact on the lives of those they serve, and yes

Not only will they remain loyal to you during the labor shortage, but…

They’ll remain loyal to you for life.

How to Recruit, Hire, & Manage Millennial HVAC Employees

1. First, prepare yourself to provide training.

Millennials have grown up in a world where solutions are built in code, not by hand—and this is by no fault of their own. Most schools have abandoned the types of classes that teach the trade skills you hope your new hires will walk into work already having—which is why…

You’re going to have to train them.

Know this before you even begin your search for new technicians. Have your training process fully fleshed out and ready to roll for day one of their new job.

By providing training you will make your young, energetic new hires feel like you truly want to see them succeed; their technical and customer relations skills will strengthen sooner rather than later; they’ll feel compelled to remain loyal to you, as they won’t feel like they need to keep an eye out for other opportunities; and you’ll differentiate your company in your local market as being the best place for HVAC techs to work, thanks to your concerted effort to make sure every employee you hire thrives.

2. Position your company as a brand that cares.

WANTED: HVAC technician. Must have a reliable vehicle and the ability to lift over sixty pounds.”

Young people—no, scratch that, all people—want to work for a company that values them for more than just their ride and a ripped physique. So remember…

Craft your job listing in a way that makes applicants feel confident that they’ll be spending their workdays doing things that matter, that make a difference, that helps people. This should be easy to communicate because you are in the business of helping people—helping them feel comfortable.

3. Hire for character, not skill.

Don’t worry about hiring people for their technical skills; you have training for that.

Instead, be on the lookout for people of strong character; people who, when they’re in the presence of your team and the customers they serve, make them feel comfortable, energized, and eager to be their best self.

4. Check your management style.

Are you more of an authoritarian—It’s my way or the highway!—leader?


Do you encourage your employees to speak up, share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings, without having to worry about whether or not they’ll be shut down?

It’s not just Millennials who want to work in an inclusive environment, where everyone feels like they’re an important member of the team—all of your employees want to feel like you, their boss, believe them to be in-expendable.

So make them feel special! Give them responsibilities beyond their pay-grade and allow them room to grow, personally and professionally—because, if you don’t…

There’s always another HVAC company in town who will.

Have them at “Hello.”

If you put out a good vibe throughout your recruitment process, good people will want to work for you. Creating a business that will thrive well into the future, as a result of having hired these young, intelligent, hard-working people who have the best of intentions, truly is that simple.

So give the kids a chance! Let them show you what they’re made of. Treat them with the respect they deserve, and, in turn, they’ll grow your business as they grow, themselves.

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