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What is Your Hiring Plan? – HVAC Hiring Help During The Great Resignation

What is Your Hiring Plan?

Did you know this year alone, the HVACR industry will need 115,000 new technicians and installers?* And the impact is likely to grow through 2026, at least.

We’ve all been living through what many in the news are describing as, “The Great Resignation.” The fact is all businesses are struggling and need hiring help to recruit and retain employees. It’s especially true in the service industry where competition for talent has never been more fierce.

Not only do installers, technicians, salespeople, customer service representatives (CSRs), and other people in the HVAC industry have more employment options today, but the demand for HVAC has been exceeding expectations. HVAC dealers need more talent to keep up with the industry growth.

So, how do you keep up with the growing demands and fierce competition to combat The Great Resignation? The top-performing HVAC companies develop a HVAC hiring plan to attract and retain talent with ongoing training. With Lennox having the longest legacy of training in the industry with over 125 years, we have what you need to develop your entire team. Plus, we consistently refresh our courses to keep up with the ever-changing industry standards to ensure our dealers receive highly ranked learning experiences.

It Starts With A Plan

The best businesses in the HVAC industry start with a plan. A plan to assess and develop top talent and put a plan in action for those at-risk of leaving. Planning for new employees is also vital and the training plan should be communicated during the interviewing process because training and development is key to their success at your company.

Establishing a hard-working and valuable team will expand your business, and to get there, you’ll need to keep your HVAC employees equipped with the latest training. This will be a great process to use when recruiting and interviewing candidates to join your business. It will also set you apart from your competition in the HVAC hiring process. Here are the next steps to ensure your employees are on the path to success.

As a Lennox Dealer, learn about the benefits you receive from the Learning Solutions team:

  1. Access to use our complimentary Lennox U™ Workbook Year in Review to assess your talent and help guide your conversations with employees.

  2. Our team is on hand to help plan your training for the year, call 800-654-3283 (option 2) for a white glove scheduling service.

  3. Give your employees the chance to develop their skills and advance their industry knowledge and enroll them in training classes. See our training schedule on our website.

  4. Follow up 1-3 months after an employee takes a class to see if they have improved in their role.

In growing your own technician talent pool, it’s very important to recruit candidates with excellent communication skills. It’s usually easier to train someone who is good with people and have to develop technical skills than vice versa.

Call 800-654-3283 (option 2) to talk with one of our Lennox U reps to plan training and development for the year.


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