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Homeowner talking to Lennox Premier Dealer at the kitchen table

Why You Should Become a Lennox Premier Dealer

It is important to provide your customers with not only the best product, but the highest level of customer service. Beyond purchase and installation, having a reliable resource to help homeowners keep their cool is high on the list of considerations when searching for an HVAC company.

It’s More Than a Title. It’s a Distinction.

When Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?”, his question may have been an early hint to successful brand marketing and the far-reaching impact a company’s reputation can have on an entire industry. The fact is:

  • 86% of homeowners who used a Lennox Premier Dealer said their expectation had been met or exceeded**
  • 84% of homeowners recommend Lennox Premier Dealers to friends and family**

As a Lennox Premier Dealer, you will have the distinction of standing out as a provider of outstanding systems and service with homeowners reaching out to you over other local dealers— proving just how much power there is in a name.

Unlocking a World of Business Enhancing Benefits

When you take the first steps to partner with Lennox and become a Premier Dealer, in addition to telling your customers you have what it takes to exceed their expectations, you gain valuable support from Lennox in achieving your business goals.

Lennox Premier benefits include*:

  • Priority treatment
    • You will save time and money when you call Lennox for technical support and move to the front of the queue, an enhanced benefit of having direct access to Lennox
  • Featured listing on the Dealer Locator
    • Your company name will be front and center where homeowners are searching; essential for growing your customer base, expanding your business, and improving your bottom line
    • Note: only our CAP and Premier Dealers are listed on the Dealer Locator
  • Reputation management
    • Only Lennox Premier Dealers can have Google reviews featured on the Dealer Locator and solicit additional reviews via text with our partner vendor ReviewBuzz
  • Financial offerings
    • Return On Investment comes in the form of stocking programs, “prompt pay” discount cash discounts and more
  • More value for you and your customers
    • Pearl Certification’s third-party validation will boost customer confidence while earning you discounted fees and more exclusive benefits
  • Custom Personalized Videos
    • As a benefit of being a Premier Dealer our team works with you to personalize two custom videos per year to be leveraged when promoting your dealership
  • Continued Education
    • Enjoy free online training, access to free webinars, and two free NATE exams
  • Marketing materials
    • From personalized customized product literature and truck decals to exclusive promotional videos, you’ll have the marketing collateral to take focus, and business, away from the competition

What Makes You a Premier Dealer Candidate?

Not so much a secret handshake, as a core of common values

As a Premier Dealer you will identify with a powerful brand built by HVAC professionals like yourself, creating customer relationships one homeowner at a time. The capabilities and characteristics you, as a dealer partner, possess to ensure every Lennox customer continues to enjoy the level of service for which we stand are:

  1. You share our passion for perfect air and delivering products and services that align with our core values of integrity, respect, and excellence.
  2. You have built your own reputation for demonstrating these values; a reputation that will result in a seamless transition to being viewed as a close extension of Lennox. Just as we represent you and your team, you will represent a long established and ongoing reputation that customers rely on when engaging with any arm of our brand.
  3. You are a participant in the Consumer Advertising and Promotions (CAP) This robust program of benefits provides you with a marketing strategy, sales resources and a bundle of benefits designed to help raise your number of sales and sales numbers (average ticket price. The addition of your name to the dealer locator that receives nearly 6 million site visits a year, consumer promotions to entice prospects, and earned co-op marketing funds that can help offset certain marketing activities up to 60% are just a few of the reasons to put a CAP on your business.
  4. You are determined to build on your stellar reputation and go above and beyond the value you receive from aligning with Lennox to grow your business through online ratings promotions and the program’s reputation management tools. You understand the value of having a resource to solicit additional reviews via text and of your Google reviews being featured on the Dealer Locator, a benefit available only to our Premier Dealers.

But Wait, There’s More…

New this year: We have partnered with Contractor Commerce, RYNO and Powerselling Pros and secured discounted services only for Premier Dealers!

The bottom line? If you’re serious about your business, we’re serious about helping you and can’t wait to welcome you aboard with a not-so-secret handshake that confirms you are now aligned with the best of the best in HVAC.

Learn more about the Premier Dealer program and how you can get started.

*Lennox reserves the right, on thirty (30) days’ notice, to modify or suspend the Lennox Premier program benefits or any of its components at any time.

**Survey conducted in August 2022 by Decision Analyst on behalf of Lennox that included 460 US and Canadian homeowners who had purchased a system through a Lennox Premier Dealer in the previous six months.

What’s so Premier about being a Lennox Premier Dealer? The Lennox name, the benefits, the support, the added market presence, a jump in business and revenue. You need more? Go to and learn what it takes to be so cool.